About Wendy

I rubbed through the lining of her panties first to her pussy lips and then going further back toward her ass as a gauge to see if she would be open to having anal sex. Wendy moaned as I toyed with both holes. She took off her panties and bent over lifting the bottom of her uniform and holding onto a shelf in the supply closet. I took off my pants and smacked her ass wanting so badly to have anal sex with her. She was not shy and did not object to anal sex. I reached for a sample of lubricant from a shelf in the supply closet and rubbed it on both of her holes. I slid my dick into her pussy first pushing in deep and hard. I went faster and harder until Wendy was soaking wet. I moved my dick into her ass completely satisfied at the fact that I was having anal sex. She moaned louder and reached her hand around to her clit. She rubbed her clit as I pounded her ass until we both climaxed.

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